Butterfly Wings Group

Helping you to get to the Root cause of your hypothyroid disease


I am so pleased to announce the arrival of a unique Self Help Program for hypothyroid sufferers

If you would like to begin your journey of energy-psychology in order to understanding what the root causes of hypothyroidism are, you might like to join this group.


How the program works


This multi level program builds your understanding in the following key areas:

  • The underlying themes that the hypothyroidism ‘program’ is built upon
  • The types of stresses and traumas that can be associated with hypothyroidism
  • The repeated beliefs and thoughts that keep your body in a state of hypothyroidism


It provides you with the support you need to start to work on your own person issues, by offering you:

  • A weekly support group
  • A mentor or buddy system
  • Personal coaching sessions


It enables you to begin your own personal journey of self-help and empowerment, by helping you to:

  • Learn the tools of energy psychology that will help you to clear the emotions and blocks which are stopping your body’s own innate healing wisdom to emerge
  • Support and work with other people who are also committed to learning, recovering or are already healed from hypothyroidism
  • Gain relevant professional qualifications in order to begin your own energy-psychology work or practice wherever you are!
  • Build a network of friends, support and colleagues


In addition, there are progressive opportunities throughout the various levels of the program to put your personal experience and learning into practice, through our professional mentoring scheme!


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