Why Weight?

A Support group for Clinically Obese Children and Adults.

I have long held a weight problem. In fact, never in my past have I truly felt ‘light’. In either mind, body or spirit when it comes to weight issues.

In relation to my body image and physical weight: Heavy thoughts always seemed to weigh me down with the never-ending belief that I was the biggest, the fattest, the ugliest person in the room. Thoughts that made me believe that everyone was looking at me, judging me…and never in a good way.

When we are weighed down with these trype of negative, burdensome thoughts, the spirit can never fly lightly! They may be a motivator to fight, or can become so overwhelming as to leave us exhausted and in despair! However we respond to them, the truth is we would be happier, and healthier, if we could let go of those negative perceptions of our self, our faults and failures. Unless, or until we do that, our emotions are always going to be holding us hostage.

Bound by pain and fear, these emotions are a heavy burden. With increasing biological weight gain, (which becomes biologically more lightly as we increase our weight, reducing our metabolic burn rate) the emotional consequences often result in lower self-esteem and set up a never ending cyclic pattern between unhealthy eating habits, thoughts that sabotage or destroy our person power and well-being, increasing and perpetuating our lack of self-belief.

Why Weight is a Program that you can engage in on a number of levels – depending upon where you are at, and what level of support you need.


Emotional Freedom from limiting self-belief

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other energy-psychology practices are repeatedly shown to help shift old thinking and emotional patterns that may be keeping our mind and our body in an unhealthy state.

‘We are what we eat’ may be very true, but equally powerful and equally true is the statement ‘we are what we think’!

Change is possible, with ongoing directed support. This is why ‘Why Weight’ offers two weekly support programs (see Group Support), that you can access from your own home, or mobile device.

Both of these groups will support you in:

  • Using EFT & other tried and tested Energy-Psychology techniques
  • Learning to recognise what emotional ‘triggers’ you have – and how you can change them
  • Building emotional resilience and positive change practices

Group Support

Group support is important in any new venture! You are not alone, we are all in this together!

Support is offered to you in Why Weight via the two weekly support groups (outlined below), and the Facebook pages and groups.

The two programs: the energy hour and the power hour, provide guidance on two levels.

Firstly, the energy hour will teach you how to tap and give you a safe place to learn how EFT and other energy-psychology techniques can help you in multiple and varied areas of your life (including, but not solely in weight issues). You can investigate, practice and improve your skills and then chose at a later date, whether you wish to complete accreditation within the energy-psychology tools you have learned.

The power hour is a focused group that is all about ‘Why Weight’. It will look at root causes of weight issues, not only exploring food and nutrition, but also the psychology of food and eating, the thoughts and beliefs that might be contributing to weight or eating issues. Food ideas, recipies and ongoing support.

  • The Energy Hour – learn EFT & other Energy-Psychology technics for self-help
  • The Power Hour – Online support For the ‘Why Weight’ group
  • Facebook page and group for sharing recipies, stories of our struggles and our successes

4 Food Programs

  • ClEAn – A weighed and measured food plan: Cutting out wheat, sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol.
  • 30 Days to Healthy Living – supported detox program with protein meal replacements. One meal to make yourself, which must follow a wheat free, sugar free, tea, coffee and alcohol free plan.
  • Lean cuisine & Green Smoothie: Katvic, Vegetarian, Vegan or Paleo diet.
  • KetoniX – high fat, low carb: Taking your body into ketosis – where fat-burning is the primary energy source for the body (rather than glycogen). This can be used within a Katvic, Vegetarian, Vegan or Paleo diet. For some basics on a Keto diet visit here: https://8fit.com/nutrition/glycogen-gluconeogenesis-and-water-weight/

Nutritional Support

  • Prodigy 5
  • Pulse 8
  • Ketobru
  • Ketonix program: ‘bridge’ support (these products are currently imported from Canada)
  • Meal replacements
  • Protein shakes
  • Herbal detox tea
  • Fibre boost (powder)
  • Protein boost (powder)
  • Digestive Plus (enzymes)
  • Fizz Sticks – energy boost B vitamin drink (to help replace unhealthy diet, carbonated drinks)

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

If you would like to delve deeper into your personal issues around your Weight, or indeed any other issues, Deborah offers sessions in packages to help suit your needs.

Please enquiry separately about these.

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