Lifestyle Medicine Summit – Understanding Root Causes of thyroid dysfunction

I am pleased to have been invited to speak at this years Lifestyle Medicine Summit – and will be presenting a short talk on ‘Understanding Root Causes of thyroid dysfunction’. I will also be providing some additional Free gifts for those who sign up – including a free training and more complete understanding of the psychological links with thyroid.


The Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation

just announced that they will include the short-film as a bonus to ​their Lifestyle Medicine Summit​ VIP Self-Healing Package.​

​During the Lifestyle Medicine Summit June 1-7, 2017 the World’s Top LifestyleMedicine experts like Dean Ornish MD, David Katz MD, Mimi Guarneri MD, Bernie Siegel MD, JJ Virgin, Dave Asprey, Sayer Ji, Nick Polizzi​, Johannes R. Fisslinger​ will share ​their health secrets.

Lifestyle Medicine is a scientific approach to prevent and treat illness by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and social support. It’s been used by millions of people already and has the potential to eliminate the majority of chronic illness including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, CFS and many auto-immune diseases.

The Lifestyle Prescription Foundation has the mission to bring Lifestyle Medicineand Lifestyle Prescriptions® to 10,000 doctors and health care providers. ​As a non-profit organisation they can’t do this without your help​!

Register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit and order the VIP Self-Healing Package now and ​you’ll ​receive:

  • 30 video and audio presentations
  • 30 transcripts in book format
  • One Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Session
  • Lifetime LPTV student portal access
  • Download to your smartphone or tablet
  • Surprise bonuses from our speakers valued at over $1,000
  • AND lifetime access to the short-film ‘Lifestyle Medicine’
  • Own all summit presentations! Listen to all 30 experts again and again to establish healthy habits (repetition creates new habits).​

THANK YOU​ for helping change health care​.​​

I Hope to see you there 🙂

Recent Film reviews:

“Very inspirational. Thanks for offering this!”

“I love this video. I did purchase the package offering the special pricing today.”

“At last! We have known these things for decades but no one was brave enough to get them out to the public, Bravo!!​”​

“I am super excited for the summit. I emailed my entire database of clients.”

Own the film and screen it in your health center, yoga studio or inspire your family and friends.

Remember, this offer is only available ​until MAY 31.

If you haven’t registered for the summit yet visit:


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