Deborah Wiggins-Hay

2014-08-16-17-39-32Do you instinctively know that everything in your life is connected?

That there is an underlying, or higher intelligence at work, directing your mindbodyspirit and every experience in your life?

How would you feel if you could begin to understand that intelligence, to become aware of how it is speaking to you every day, and what the messages are that you are being guided towards?

What if there was a way that you could understand the secret whisperings of your spirit, which manifest through your physical and mental wellbeing?

My Name is Deborah Wiggins-Hay, and I am an Energess. My work within the field of energy-psychology has led me to overcome my own personal long-term disabling disease and I am now a much happier and healthier being.

Working within the newly emerging field of energy psychology, my own journey has led me to recognise and embrace the unity of all things, the harmony of balance that strives to bring all parts of ourself into equilibrium, and the innate intelligence of the body as it works to bring balance to our mindbodyspirit.

The energess also honours the balance of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and particularly embraces the Divine Goddess within on a personal level, whilst also simultaneously honouring the current earth energies which are working to assist a re-emergence of this feminine energy within the collective and greater social contexts.

If you are unwell, facing physical or emotional challenges; if you feel you have become stuck in your life, or just have lost touch with who you truly are, I can help you to find your path back towards balance, peace and joy.

I can guide you on your personal path to:

  • Become aware of and to interpret the language of your mindbodyspirit
  • Understand the language of your disease
  • To find emotional and mental wellbeing
  • To embrace and overcome the difficulties you are facing


A Little About me

For twenty years I was hypothyroid!

I struggled to manage daily tasks that many people wouldn’t think twice about. I felt completely useless much of the time and became more emotionally unhappy, with doctors telling me I was depressed!

Well of course I was! My life was crumbling around me – and I was not feeling supported by my doctors, as the medications I was being given didn’t seem to work at all well for me, and I was left to find my own solutions. Which is what I did!

Daily struggles included:

  • Forgetfulness – a constant ‘brain fog’ that saw me forget what I was ‘just doing’ several times a day, or forget appointments, frequently ‘losing’ what time of day it was
  • Having little or no energy even when I had not done anything energetic
  • Constant weight gain (despite countless weight programs & attempts to exercise)
  • Low body temperatures that left me so cold that I would frequently have to take a hot bath a couple of times a day, in order to stop shivering!
  • Constipation & irregular bowel movements – sometimes only once or twice per week
  • Dry skin & hair loss
  • Multiple additional ‘Autoimmunity’ issues that occurred every few years
  • Chronic aches & pains in many areas of my body – including joints, shoulders, stomach & liver

Other problems included:

  • Miscarriage – I was not told by my own GP that I was at ‘high risk’ of a miscarriage because of my hypothyroidism! I was told by the doctor in the hospital at the same time as he told me I had lost my baby
  • Difficulties becoming pregnant
  • Sore and tender breasts that continued to lactate slightly, even years after I had my children
  • Low libido with reduced intimacy over time with my husband
  • Decreasing Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Gall Stone Attacks
  • Numbness, pins & needles and nerve problems through my hands and arms


Finding the Path

through ill health & emotional turmoil & into the light

We are all here on a journey.

Some journeys are sweet, straight forwards and go without a hitch! You get there – and start enjoying the destination.

Some journeys are slower and hit some obstacles along the way! But will those obstacles determine your journey, or will you?

For those of us who have had or are having a bumpy ride, we are seldom able to consider what is happening in a ‘philosophical’ way! We are probably far more focused on learning how to cope day to day, how to respond within a new and different landscape than the one we initially thought we were moving through! We can suddenly find our life is completely different to everything we knew before!

But as we do start to navigate our difficult times, we start to learn new things all the time. Not because we wanted to necessarily, but because we are required to search ways to survive – to get by. We will need to search for the signposts that will give us a new direction to consider. We might feel that we are always in new territory, and the usual points of reference to our life, the things we previously took for granted, might no longer be of use to us. It can be a scary place to find yourself in a totally new and unchartered territory. But during these difficult times that we find ourselves, we always have the potential to decide how we will respond to our new situation, and what we will intend to make of it.

Whilst we are at our calmest when we are in familiar territory, and are able to live without fears or worries of any kind; we are given an opportunity to ‘become’ who we truly are, to uncover our deepest strengths and to grow exponentially when we find ourselves in times of adversity.

At the same time as we are often experiencing some of our worst life experiences and living in difficult times, whether because of a medical or health issue, or because of traumatic events that have altered our life in a single moment, we are given an opportunity to open our thoughts, our minds to new possibilities.

Indeed it is at these times that we are often faced with a ‘do or die’ sense – that we must make a change and do things differently.

If you find yourself in this situation, I would like to help you through the new territory in which you find yourself.


Book A Complementary Lifestyle Prescription with me

Find out more about how to arrange your COMPLIMENTARY LIFESTYLE PRESCRIPTION consultation HERE.

This free 15 minute session will help you if:

  • You have a medical diagnosis and want to look beyond the physical symptoms and try to understand what may be making you ill
  • You instinctively know that there is a deeper emotional, psychological or spiritual reason for the symptoms that are affecting you
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own health & well-being.
  • You are prepared to work with me alongside your medical health professionals: we can work together to support your own awareness around the mind-body-emotion-social links that may be keeping you stuck and unwell
  • You want a more comprehensive understanding of your illness (building on the energy-psychology aspect of your disease)
  • You want the help and support of an advocate & trained specialist in the mind-body-emotion-social aspects of disease

During your session we can dig into the issue that is most concerning you and begin your process of self-recovery and wellness.