Lifestyle Medicine Summit – Understanding Root Causes of thyroid dysfunction

I am pleased to have been invited to speak at this years Lifestyle Medicine Summit – and will be presenting a short talk on ‘Understanding Root Causes of thyroid dysfunction’. I will also be providing some additional Free gifts for those who sign up – including a free training and more complete understanding of the psychological links with thyroid.


The Lifestyle Prescriptions Foundation

just announced that they will include the short-film as a bonus to ​their Lifestyle Medicine Summit​ VIP Self-Healing Package.​

​During the Lifestyle Medicine Summit June 1-7, 2017 the World’s Top LifestyleMedicine experts like Dean Ornish MD, David Katz MD, Mimi Guarneri MD, Bernie Siegel MD, JJ Virgin, Dave Asprey, Sayer Ji, Nick Polizzi​, Johannes R. Fisslinger​ will share ​their health secrets.

Lifestyle Medicine is a scientific approach to prevent and treat illness by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and social support. It’s been used by millions of people already and has the potential to eliminate the majority of chronic illness including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, CFS and many auto-immune diseases.

The Lifestyle Prescription Foundation has the mission to bring Lifestyle Medicineand Lifestyle Prescriptions® to 10,000 doctors and health care providers. ​As a non-profit organisation they can’t do this without your help​!

Register for the Lifestyle Medicine Summit and order the VIP Self-Healing Package now and ​you’ll ​receive:

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I Hope to see you there 🙂

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Own the film and screen it in your health center, yoga studio or inspire your family and friends.

Remember, this offer is only available ​until MAY 31.

If you haven’t registered for the summit yet visit:


The Mind-Body Detective Series

An Overview

Over the next several months I will be writing about the connections between mind and body and how each influences and affects the other in terms of our health.

This is part of a Meta Health approach to understanding the different mind-body-emotion aspects that can be implicated in your health conditions.

It is not a substitute for going to or receiving advice and medical care from your GP, but it is an additional resource for you to begin to think about and critically question the emotional or psychological components of your health and wellbeing. You may be surprised at what you find. This will only go to help and support your health care, whether you are receiving allopathic, herbal or complementary health interventions.

As you may be aware, thyroid issues, and particularly Hypothyroidism is a speciality area of mine, and I will be writing extensively around these issues and the multiple symptoms associated with thyroid disorders via the connected, but specialised thyroid detective series.

The Thyroid Detective Series is part of this larger set of writings (‘The Mind-Body Detective Series’) and is available to read on my sister website:

These are sets of writings that will explore the mind-body connections to many of the symptoms that are associated with particular diseases.

There will be two parts to each article:

  1. The ‘body’ aspect of the disease – biological symptoms and the purpose of the body function in a disease process – this is the science bit!
  2. The ‘mind’ aspect of the dis-ease – how the body is interpreting the ‘mind’ itself in order to find a solution to the minds ‘perceived problem’ – this is the magical bit!

Over time, the Mind-Body Detective Series will become a collective set of resources to provide an understanding of the framework that underpins the mind-body-emotion connections that are part of the whole experience of disease and ill-health.

Looking at all Sides of the ‘Health’ coin

The mind and emotions are often the flip side of the ‘health coin’ that is often overlooked in allopathic medicine, or may only be briefly mentioned in many cases of health interventions, with the body being the main focus of attention.

We do have a fantastic health service in the UK, and the ability to go to visit a GP at any time is a wonderful privilege that many people in the World do not necessarily have easy access to. We have emergency services that can respond in life-threatening situations, and long-term health care for people with chronic conditions.

However, the health care system is primarily set up to deal with the physical symptoms, even at the level of chemical manipulation of what the body cells are doing, the health system aims to ‘change’ the biological process through medication, and sometimes also uses physical manipulation techniques and occasionally will also refer to talk therapies, or cognitive behavioural therapies.

These are all good, and have a place in our overall health and recovery from disease.

However, the missing link in the chain is often the effect of ill-health on a persons individual mind and emotions; and equally, and even more powerfully, is the important focus on the mind and emotions and how they actively influence and affect how our body responds to those stresses and its ability to fully and completely heal!

Whilst some people may receive their prescribed medication and continue without any further thoughts of their symptoms within their daily lives, there are some people who find that medication does seem to work so well for them, and also a growing number of people who are mindful that their disease may just be ‘telling them something’ more deep and profound.

Neither of these approaches or experiences is ‘right or wrong’!

There is no good or bad way to address your own experiences of health, or disease. No-one can tell you that your approach, your emotions or your thoughts around your own situation and health is correct or not.

We are all individuals – and we have different needs, thinking, experiences and symptoms.

Some may react well to pharmaceuticals they are provided with, which aim to primarily change the physical-biological processes, whilst other people may have a different experience.

When we address our health from multiple aspects that include our own thinking, our emotions, our experiences and our beliefs, we begin to understand how all of these different aspects inform and shape our lives – and our health!

Very often, before we experience our physical symptoms, we may be receiving ‘signs’ that something is not quite right.

It may be ‘lighter’ physical symptoms, but often it can be stressful experiences, emotional traumas, or other indicators. Unfortunately, we are very good at ‘ignoring’ these signs, and trying to overcome them by ‘carrying on’. Sometimes this works for us – but sometimes not.

However, at some point, we may recognise that we do want to address these areas in order to really regain our health or wellbeing.

When we address our health issues in this way, we are no longer completely and only reliant on ‘other people’ to fix us – this is the point when we chose to engage in our own health journey towards health and wellbeing.

This is a pathway that is often self-empowering and can help us to make lifestyle and belief changes that will simultaneously support and enhance our allopathic healing.

It is important to remember that whatever you do to become active in your own health and recovery journey from disease, that you should always continue to receive medical advice from your specialists or general practitioners around your specific issues.

However, with a mind-body-emotion approach to your health you will be able to simultaneously address all levels of your being on a much deeper and more personal level.

Lifestyle Prescriptions

The beauty of understanding what is happening within the complete mind-body-emotion aspect of a disease, is that we can begin to make small lifestyle changes that are directed by and directly linked to the stresses and triggers that may be affecting the exact tissues and cells involved in the disease process itself.

At the beginning of becoming ‘conscious’ of these connections, it is often about recognising our own processes, our own habits and our own thinking patterns – as they happen!

This might not sound like a lot, but it is absolutely critical and ultimately these changes of awareness are life changing! When we begin to notice what it is we are doing, when we understand the biological and cellular consequences and possibilities associated with those actions, thoughts and emotions, then we are empowered to stand back in that moment, and to make a choice that is conscious – about whether we actually WANT to engage in those same actions, thoughts and emotions that are driving and directing our current health patterns.

This is where we truly begin to understand our own personal INDIVIDUAL STRESSORS! And these are different for everyone!

When we get this, we can make changes about how we respond to our own stresses!

This is also when we really “get” that all disease is in fact caused by that elusive “Stress” that is often cited as being the culprit of many of todays illnesses!

Lifestyle Prescriptions is a lifestyle approach to health.

It helps us to engage in the ‘smaller’ actions and question the current habits on a day to day level.

With a lifestyle Prescription coach, you will be guided through short analysis sessions, to understand and reflect upon a key aspect of your mind-body-emotion aspects that you currently may take for granted, and begin to make conscious choices about changing that, in order to address your health issues over the long-term.

Lifestyle Prescriptions work perfectly, and go hand in hand with the deeper awareness that occurs in a Meta Health Analysis.

Lifestyle Prescriptions are shorter, quicker bursts of ongoing support from a Meta Health Trained Practitioner or specialist, whilst a Meta Health Analysis is an in-depth and sometimes fairly lengthy one to one assessment of previous and current health issues, which looks to find the connecting themes and will use a timeline to help identify critical moments of stresses that may be impacting ongoing health patterns.


Meta Health

‘Meta’ means “after” or “beyond”, “amongst” or “along with” something. It is a prefix used in front of a subject to designate that this subject will analyse the subject which is pre-fixed, but at a higher, more abstract level. So, for example in Meta Health, this is an overview or higher level observation and abstracted awareness of the subject of ‘health’.

It provides an ‘overarching’ or an all-encompassing approach to something.

It is the highest view possible and it makes connections between many interconnecting areas.

As an over-arching approach to looking at our health, Meta Health allows us to look at the subject and consider it from any point of entry.

By this, I mean that we can start a personal health assessment of a person via the meta health model, by beginning with the symptoms of a physical issue. Breaking that down to look at and understand the biological purpose and the cellular activities involved we begin, through a series of intelligent processes to ask questions around the symptoms and uncover the secret messages that our body and our disease process are showing up for us.

However, another point of entry for investigation in Meta health, is to begin with emotional conditions, such as anxiety, depression or anger and begin to uncover the meanings and the associated biological of psychological processes that are occurring.

Within the process of analysis itself, there are also multiple areas that we can access valuable information about a persons health, as we explore their personal timeline together. Sometimes we can access this information from the point of the emotional, or physical trauma itself, and other times perhaps we begin at the point when any issues have been resolved.

The timeline can be critical in a Meta Health Assessment and analysis, as it can give a person key pieces of information that can help them to break the repetitive cycles that are often associated with chronic and long-term illnesses, or emotional or psychological issues.

In the my next article we will be looking at the two phases of disease and how this is critical information to become conscious of in regards to the health timeline.

Seeing Life in Colour – Exploring the Colour Bottles of the 12 Chakras


Have you ever found yourself suddenly and extraordinarily overwhelmed? Not by stress, pain, terror or fear. But by the sheer beauty and magic of the moment you suddenly find yourself in?

These are the moments in life when we suddenly ‘switch on’ to the sights and the sounds of the beauty around us!

If we happen to be blessed with eyesight, hearing, one or all of the senses of smell, taste or touch, then we find ourselves bathing in the euphoric sensations that our body allows to flood into every cell of our body.

We are literally engulfed in sensory stimulus that seems to bypass our thinking or any part of us that might otherwise try to think about the situation – and we are left only with the ability TO BE.

To be fully engaged and engulfed in the moment and the experience.

There is a beautiful galactic energy that is providing us with what feels like a ‘moments peace’. As so many of us have been working on our own individual plans and following the guidance of our highest callings – clearing old traumas, addressing the ills of our past, working on letting go of the ‘old’ so that we can embrace the new.

It sounds so easy when we hear those words said again and again! Sometimes, you hear them and, if your anything like me, you want to just scream out in frustration and  (if I were a more physically motivated person – which I am not) even thump the person delivering that phrase again!

But there it is – we can’t get away from the fact, that in order to move beyond where we already are, we have to let go of the things that would keep us where we are in order to be able to receive what it is we need to move forwards!

And there is the difficulty – as well as the solution!

If it is too difficult to give up or let go of what we currently have ‘hold of’ in our lives right now, then is it possible that we are too attached to that thing? Whether it be a person, a place, an object, a ‘title’ or ‘label’ that we have worked to achieve! Whatever it is – if we cannot ‘let it go’ and if it is keeping us ‘stuck’ where we are, what is it that is creating the difficulty, what is creating the conflict and the ‘fight’ within us?

If we feel pained or afraid at the idea of needing to let something go, which is otherwise causing us damage, what is underneath that pain or fear?

If we are putting all of our mental, emotional and physical energy into trying to ‘keep it’ with us (spending time trying to find ingenious ways that we can keep the security of what we have now, and still move on) we may be denying ourself the opportunity to open ourselves up to a new experience completely and fully. Because if we approach our new venture, our new phase or our rebirth whilst still carrying the pain or fear from our past (which is actually our ‘NOW’), then we can never really bear our arms open fully to receive the new experience in all its colours and sensations: as we will be spending so much energy trying to balance the ‘new’ with the ‘old’!

And that – is hard and energy consuming work!!

Chakra 5

(Note – this is NOT Chakra 5 in the traditional 7 chakra system, but relates to chakra 5 in the 12 chakra system, which is one of the ‘newly’ given chakras that was given to me as an important new energy for us to work with and develop. This Chakra sits between the solar plexus and the heart centre.)

This is one of the Chakra 5 bottles, it is centred around Mastering “Time & Space”. It is a particularly ‘cleansing’ bottle that assists us with releasing old Karmic patterns. It is a perfect and beautiful bottle of potential creativity and complete forgiveness. The forgiveness is not about proffering any authority that is delivered ‘from above’ to one who requires forgiveness and resides ‘below’ the offended.

It is a forgiveness that recognises that we are all a part of the patchwork of life many colours, and that the true nature of forgiveness resides in seeing the aspect of the other within ourself, and the aspect of self within the other. It is a ‘completion’ that brings all parts of a diverse ‘whole’ into a unified and harmonious single experience and understanding.

This bottle connects with the White brotherhood and the sacred flame of transmutation…

This bottle (seen here below) is all about letting go of judgement – and in the process of releasing the judgements we hold about good and bad, right and wrong, light or dark, we are able to disentangle ourselves from the attachments that those judgements have embedded within us.

How light can we be when we allow Metatron to assist our release from those old karmic bonds?

The Pathway to Peace

2015-06-18 22.40.17

“Metatron & Melchizedek”

When I received the information that this bottle was connected to Metatron and Melchizedech (which comes directly from an ‘other’ voice, which I receive via ‘clairaudience’ – a form of ‘channeled’ information), I was slightly confused. I could sense Metatron within the bottle – I have had enough intense and personal experiences working with Metatron over the last couple of years to see and sense that energy here. But I did not know how Melchizedech was connected.

But, with my conscious and logical mind still questioning, I wrote and relayed the information as faithfully as I had received it from the higher beings who conveyed it to me.

Today, a good while since receiving this information, I was searching for a bottle to share with you, which might embody the Peace that I feel we are all being ‘gifted’ right now, when I came directly to this chakra 5 bottle! I was looking for the bottle to represent this moment in space & time, as I feel that this particular moment is an astrological and energetic interlude of peacefulness that we are being given in order to connect with and sense how it would be to do ‘the full work’. I say this because I (like many of us) have an underlying sense that many people who are currently living on this Earth right now are here to clear a new path and to open up and make accessible a clearer and more ‘aligned’ pathway for others to follow over the next several hundred years (maybe less, as time seems to be continuously and fairly fluidly changing within the galactic matrix framework). But it is undoubtably an intense and not always an easy journey to be on this particular life time – especially for those pioneers that are forging ahead with the path.

We know ‘what we are doing’, and we know ‘why we are doing’ on a deeply energetic, emotional and intuitive level; yet we also are human and vulnerable and we must have periods of rest as well as periods of growth and development.

So here is the rest period for us to enjoy right now. It has been birthed in a new spring morning that I am privileged to sense, feel, smell and see within the beautiful Herefordshire countryside that I am blessed to live within. And there is a ‘pause’ in the intense movements and transformations that have been bombarding us and urging us to continually keep up with!

This is a moment of refresh – of calm – of peace, tranquility – and gratitude. It is the moment of connection that occurs when we truly connect to the flowing motion of all things, and it feels as though all things are momentarily held in a mutual embrace of recognition and completeness.

Today, as I sat in the presence of this bottle, I thought that I would finally come to understand the relevance of the Melchizedech aspect of this bottle, and there it was. Held in the moment of connection that allowed me to let go of all personal judgement and attachment, that allowed me not only “to see” all things as one, but to truly absorb and embody all things as one. In order to do this, I was sensing and feeling what it was to let go of every painful and debilitating experience that has occurred to us in our past life(s), every aspect of our shadow which would keep us connected to a cyclic pattern of unending pain or fear or addiction. All attachments – falling away. As we observe them falling from us, and as we release every cellular memory that might ‘re-member’ or re-attach them to us, then we become free from the need to try to make judgements. We no longer need to fear our enemies, we no longer require a ‘hold’ on the things we (falsely) believe keep us safe. We recognise that we are the safety we seek, when we are at peace with the World.

In my studies, I found out that Melchizedech is referred to as both a King of Peace (as he was the King of Salem, which means ‘peace’. In the old testament ‘Peace’ means “wholeness” or “completeness” – it is the name of an experience, or a state of being when one becomes united, or at one with self, others, the creator and the created.

I also found that the name Melchizedech is created from two separate words: Malchi (meaning ‘King’) & Sedeq (meaning ‘righteousness’). Therefore, his name describes a “King of Righteousness”. Here we can see that there is again a connection to the idea of ‘judgement’. However, the old system that we are releasing in these times would have used the word “righteousness” to refer to something ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’. In this new connection to the energy of Peace that emerges when we are connected to all, and when judgement has fallen from us, ‘righteousness’ is a state that we are able to enter individually, whereby there is no longer a need for us to judge others, or to be judged ourselves. When we are connected to all things and exist in Peace, then the divisions which create separation, war and ‘attachment’ to differentiated “parts” (whether that be parts of a people, a race, a place, an object or an idea) are no longer measured. They cause no conflict. They hold no weight.


The Coming of Melchizedek Dead Sea Scroll: 11Q13, Column 2


Out of interest we can look at some translations of the words written about Melchizedek within scriptures and the dead sea scrolls:


“And this is the manner of the remission; every creditor shall remit the claim that is held against a neighbor, not exacting it of a neighbor who is a member of the community, because God`s remission has been proclaimed” (Deut.15;2)

Scripture also says about him ; “Over it take your seat in the highest heaven; A divine being will judge the peoples” (Ps. 7;7-8) and it is written about him in the Songs of David ; “A godlike being has taken his place in the council of God; in the midst of divine beings he holds judgement” (ps. 82;1)



I know that this may start to feel a little too “scriptural” for some people, yet I want to include it here, as there is some reference to truth within the scriptures, albeit that some relevance and truth may have been lost in translation and over time and interpretation. Undeniably though, we see the same themes present themselves. These are the themes that are relevant to the 5th chakra of the 12 chakra system, and true to the information shared with me when I received the information on this bottle.



  • Peace – the embodied experience of releasing everything else relating to this theme
  • Letting go of the old & creating space for the new
  • Releasing old Karmic Seeds – the root cause moments within multiple life times and over the fabric of space time that sets up the ’cause and effect’ ripples of experience of a single ‘point’ or ‘aspect’
  • Releasing old Karmic Patterns – the elaborated patterns that have arisen from the natural expansion and interplay of the original Karmic Seed in multiple places and times within the space time fabric of the matrix (or the Universe). These patterns reinforce and allow multiple experiences to be accrued from multiple ‘viewing points’ within the ‘web’ that allows the expanded development of all creation to occur
  • Judgement & Non-judgement – the separation of things and experiences that occurs within an experience of duality, whereby judgement is required for differentiation and for expansion and evolution to occur. Non-judgement is a state that exists when we remove ourselves from the place of division and duality and move into a place of unity and oneness
  • Connecting to ALL things – the embodiment of oneness, or Unity Consciousness, or pure BEING
  • Releasing ‘attachment’ to all things – unhooking ourselves from the points of reference that keep us locked into the experience of duality, and therefore always within a state of judgement


For further information on the how you can work with the Colour bottles of the 12 Chakras, or if you would like a colour reading, or to do the releasing work around any of the themes in this blog, please contact me directly.

Colour Bottles of the 12 Chakras are available to purchase for private use.

With sincere Thanks to Gavin Jones for the Featured Image ‘EYE’ 


A BLOG on the Hypothyroid BRAIN FOG

The Pain of Forgetting Paulo Coelho — “Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” Mind Fog: uncovering the biological purpose of this hypothyroid symptom The mind fog experienced in hypothyroidism is one of the singular most debilitating and emotionally painful symptoms that I personally experienced with the 20 year…

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The Thyroid Secret – A Response

Read my recent blog post on

This blog is a review on the current series:


Which you can sign up to receive from this link HERE

Whilst these videos are being shared freely (albeit for only 24hours each video), they are a powerhouse of great information and a powerful testimony that we are all more capable and able to take our own health and healing journey into our own hands! Whilst the traditional medical system may work for some people with thyroid disorders or diseases, there are an equal number of people who are left still suffering the debilitating symptoms of either hyper or hypothyroidism, despite being told their thyroxine levels are “within normal” range. There is a huge gap between the knowledge of our average GP’s and the reality of what it means to treat our thyroid and our greater body system in a way that will enable and facilitate our body’s self-healing mechanisms; yet here, in this series of videos, we meet, again and again, people who have ventured out beyond the boundaries of Western medicine, to uncover and be active participants on their own thyroid journey.

It is truly inspiring and yes – even a relief – to find that there are multiple people across the world who are at last not only searching and finding solutions to their thyroid issues, but also beginning to share their journeys, their findings and their healing stories.

For once we begin to see and acknowledge one, two or more healing journeys, then we truly begin to access the potential for our own healing to journey to begin!

The great gift of this series is that it gives PERMISSION for others to dare to believe that they may engage in other ways of addressing their own experience of thyroid disorders.

It is true that there is a great deal of worry and concern around departing from traditional medical pathways, but in my experience, I have never met anyone who once diagnosed with a thyroid condition, has become truly ‘euthyroid’ or cured through traditional medical means. However, the World today, and particularly the internet, is opening up a huge range of options and opportunities for people to explore and discover “new” or “alternative” ways of thinking and addressing their illness. In support of this, and in contrast to the results of traditional medicine, more and more people with thyroid conditions are beginning to report that they have indeed found a ‘cure’ or a ‘remission’ to their disease that they were unable to experience within the traditional allopathic model of treatment.

This is not to decry traditional allopathic medical interventions: there are, as I said previously, many people who find that thyroid supplementation does help alleviate their thyroid symptoms. And for that group of people, I am sure that the work of trying to secure an alternative means of self-help or self-healing may be far less urgent. But for those of us who did not fall into that camp, who have suffered the symptoms of thyroid disease despite medication, who have been told we “do not have a problem” because our blood levels are now considered normal (despite the terrible and debilitating effects of our symptoms still being present daily within our lives); for those who are standing at the edge of a road which will inevitably take them on a pathway towards increasing autoimmune conditions, potential heart and bone issues, infertility and childbirth issues, adrenal and other endocrine issues; these videos and the awareness they bring to us as free-thinking, self-empowered individuals, is a ray of sunshine.

I know that we do not all necessarily find our solutions in the same way, or the same place.

We are all unique, and as such, one persons solution to their thyroid condition may be different to another persons. One person may be experiencing digestive issues and leaky gut whilst another may have severe brain fog, or may be more concerned with adrenal fatigue.

We are all unique, and as such, we will need to find our own pathway to health.

But here is a series of videos, of talks and personal experiences that tell a story of huge potential.

Why Weight?

A Support group for Clinically Obese Children and Adults.

I have long held a weight problem. In fact, never in my past have I truly felt ‘light’. In either mind, body or spirit when it comes to weight issues.

In relation to my body image and physical weight: Heavy thoughts always seemed to weigh me down with the never-ending belief that I was the biggest, the fattest, the ugliest person in the room. Thoughts that made me believe that everyone was looking at me, judging me…and never in a good way.

When we are weighed down with these trype of negative, burdensome thoughts, the spirit can never fly lightly! They may be a motivator to fight, or can become so overwhelming as to leave us exhausted and in despair! However we respond to them, the truth is we would be happier, and healthier, if we could let go of those negative perceptions of our self, our faults and failures. Unless, or until we do that, our emotions are always going to be holding us hostage.

Bound by pain and fear, these emotions are a heavy burden. With increasing biological weight gain, (which becomes biologically more lightly as we increase our weight, reducing our metabolic burn rate) the emotional consequences often result in lower self-esteem and set up a never ending cyclic pattern between unhealthy eating habits, thoughts that sabotage or destroy our person power and well-being, increasing and perpetuating our lack of self-belief.

Why Weight is a Program that you can engage in on a number of levels – depending upon where you are at, and what level of support you need.


Emotional Freedom from limiting self-belief

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other energy-psychology practices are repeatedly shown to help shift old thinking and emotional patterns that may be keeping our mind and our body in an unhealthy state.

‘We are what we eat’ may be very true, but equally powerful and equally true is the statement ‘we are what we think’!

Change is possible, with ongoing directed support. This is why ‘Why Weight’ offers two weekly support programs (see Group Support), that you can access from your own home, or mobile device.

Both of these groups will support you in:

  • Using EFT & other tried and tested Energy-Psychology techniques
  • Learning to recognise what emotional ‘triggers’ you have – and how you can change them
  • Building emotional resilience and positive change practices

Group Support

Group support is important in any new venture! You are not alone, we are all in this together!

Support is offered to you in Why Weight via the two weekly support groups (outlined below), and the Facebook pages and groups.

The two programs: the energy hour and the power hour, provide guidance on two levels.

Firstly, the energy hour will teach you how to tap and give you a safe place to learn how EFT and other energy-psychology techniques can help you in multiple and varied areas of your life (including, but not solely in weight issues). You can investigate, practice and improve your skills and then chose at a later date, whether you wish to complete accreditation within the energy-psychology tools you have learned.

The power hour is a focused group that is all about ‘Why Weight’. It will look at root causes of weight issues, not only exploring food and nutrition, but also the psychology of food and eating, the thoughts and beliefs that might be contributing to weight or eating issues. Food ideas, recipies and ongoing support.

  • The Energy Hour – learn EFT & other Energy-Psychology technics for self-help
  • The Power Hour – Online support For the ‘Why Weight’ group
  • Facebook page and group for sharing recipies, stories of our struggles and our successes

4 Food Programs

  • ClEAn – A weighed and measured food plan: Cutting out wheat, sugar, tea, coffee, alcohol.
  • 30 Days to Healthy Living – supported detox program with protein meal replacements. One meal to make yourself, which must follow a wheat free, sugar free, tea, coffee and alcohol free plan.
  • Lean cuisine & Green Smoothie: Katvic, Vegetarian, Vegan or Paleo diet.
  • KetoniX – high fat, low carb: Taking your body into ketosis – where fat-burning is the primary energy source for the body (rather than glycogen). This can be used within a Katvic, Vegetarian, Vegan or Paleo diet. For some basics on a Keto diet visit here:

Nutritional Support

  • Prodigy 5
  • Pulse 8
  • Ketobru
  • Ketonix program: ‘bridge’ support (these products are currently imported from Canada)
  • Meal replacements
  • Protein shakes
  • Herbal detox tea
  • Fibre boost (powder)
  • Protein boost (powder)
  • Digestive Plus (enzymes)
  • Fizz Sticks – energy boost B vitamin drink (to help replace unhealthy diet, carbonated drinks)

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

If you would like to delve deeper into your personal issues around your Weight, or indeed any other issues, Deborah offers sessions in packages to help suit your needs.

Please enquiry separately about these.