Butterfly Wings Program

A Multi Level group that will help you to understand the root causes of your hypothyroid disease and give you the tools, support and experience to begin your own journey to becoming HypothyroidFree.


If you feel that you would like to begin your journey towards health and well-being, using energy-psychology, this may be the group for you to join.

You will gradually understand:

  • The Themes around the ‘root cause’ of hypothyroidism
  • The Thoughts that support the beliefs that keep your body in a hypothyroid state
  • The Events & Situations that trigger your body into a hypothyroid state
  • How these will be affecting all aspects of your life, in a chronic, ongoing way: possibly even on a daily basis: and how this will be creating the patterns held in your mindbodyspirit
  • How to apply the practices you will learn in order to unlock the individual stresses and/or traumas that may have caused your personal disease process to start, and what is keeping it in place

You will learn:

  • Specific Energy techniques to help you identify how and where you are carrying the stresses and traumas associated with your hypothyroid disease
  • Energy-Psychology Tools to help you on your journey of self-healing and rebalance
  • How to use these tools on yourself and others

You will receive:

  • Support and direction as you begin your own healing journey
  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions or
  • Access to a Buddy or a Mentor to assist your own work
  • Access to the Butterfly Wings Program PowerHour
  • Access to the EnergyHour (relevant to your level)
  • Access to an on-line support group
  • Hints and tips on how to move forwards with your journey
  • Access to a fully qualified teacher to train you in recognised, professional energy techniques, and the opportunity to become certified to work as an energess within your own field

This group, is not only a means to working through and understanding your own personal journey back towards becoming hypothyroidfree; but it also builds, over time, to become a complete ‘course’ of learning in its own right!

The course builds upon your previous learning (minimum attendance required, and completion of set areas of learning) and personal experience, whilst being fully supported through that process and developing your own skills and building a comprehensive tool set in order for you to do your own self-healing work. You may even chose to move on to become a professional energess, working in the field of energy-psychology yourself. This course will give you the tools, the understanding and even the structure to be able to move ahead and pursue not only your own healing, but eventually to share that learning with others.

If you are ready to start to understand the underlying themes and causes of your hypothyroid disease, then please contact me

The beauty of this group is that it works on the level of the ‘root cause’ of your disease, from an energy-psychology basis; therefore it is a powerful support to other types of therapies or nutritional support programs that you may already be working with.

How does it work?

This is a ‘program’ rather than a course. You will be trained in various different energy modalities, all of which you may take to practitioner level (certification costs apply), the course is divided into distinct sections, that I believe work best as a package. You can however chose to opt in or out of certain parts of the package at any point, which allows you a freedom of flexibility to access parts of the program which best suite you.

Enrolments for this program are ongoing, with a new group starting every 6 months.

Subscriptions are payable monthly, with a minimum 6 month initial sign up – with the opportunity to remain active in the program on a rolling month-by-month basis thereafter, with no commitment to remain with the program beyond the 6th month or the last month you have paid for.

There are 3 offerings to the Butterfly Wings Program. They consist of


EFT Training


“The Energy Hour”

Fortnightly Classes in EFT at the level appropriate to the Butterfly Wings Program you are enrolled in (every other week alternates between the ‘Energy Hour’ and the ‘Power Hour’). This will be a methodical and comprehensive training, full of fun and insightful learning. Whether you are a complete beginner, or more practiced, you can benefit from these sessions. These classes will give you the tools to start doing the energy work if you are a novice, and will also provide ground for practice and development if you are already trained. These classes will look at the fundamentals of EFT that will begin to change your mindbody. In turn, you will begin to see shifts in your energy and your overall health and wellbeing. It is your choice whether to take your learning on to Practitioner level, and whether you wish to be certified at each level – certification costs apply, but these costs do also include membership to the GoE.

If you would like to receive information about my next ‘stand alone’ GoE Certified Trainings (outside of the Butterfly Wings Program), please LOOK HERE


The Butterfly Wings


“The Power Hour”

A private fortnightly support group (every other week alternates between the ‘Power Hour’ and the ‘Energy Hour’) that will look at different themes that are connected to our root causes of hypothyroidism, but will also cover practical tapping and energy work around these themes. There will also be an opportunity to look at and answer individual questions that are posted on the message board during these sessions.

If you would like to join this group (outside of the Butterfly Wings Program), please send me an email via my contact page.


Coaching Sessions


Every month you will receive 60 minutes of coaching from either a Mentor or a buddy. How this time is allocated (must be pre-arranged, confirmed and agreed with full notice required for any cancellations applicable) is completely up to you. It is essential that you must pre-book and use your allocated time within the month. There is strictly no rolling over of sessions into a new month as this will affect time allocation for other members of the group.


The overall cost of the Butterfly Wings Program provides you with more than a 50% discount on typical individual costs (see Individual Costs below)

  • Level 1: £90 per month
  • Level 2: £100 per month
  • Level 3: £120 per month


Please Contact Me for further information and to register yourself on one of these programs.



I have worked hard over the last 12 months to try to find a practical and affordable solution that will enable as many people as possible to access and use the tools and techniques that took me many years and a significant personal investment to discover and learn. I believe these cutting edge techniques and teachings have assisted me in becoming #hypothyroidfree, although that is no guarantee that it will work for everyone – but I do believe that everyone will gain some benefits from this program.

I know that many sufferers of hypothyroidism find it difficult to justify spending large amounts of money on their own health and well-being. They may typically be young parents, at a time in life where they are already working hard to support a young family, with all the financial costs and time demands that incurs! Or they are retiring and their income has reduced significantly; or they may be single parents, with complete responsibility for the financial wellbeing of their whole family. Often, in these and many other cases, hypothyroid sufferers learn to ‘put up’ with their symptoms and try to manage them. Often placing themselves last in a long line of responsibilities that include and place other peoples needs before their own! Sounding familiar?

In these situations the costs and investment that hypothyroid sufferers are faced with in making the choice to start looking after themselves, they often consider as being too selfish, or indulgent. However, hypothyroidism is a slowly progressive dysfunction of an essential endocrine gland that will ultimately affect every aspect of life in a profound way! Over time, in hypothyroidism, the body’s ability to effectively manage energy conversion (from food into the individual cells of the body), hormonal balance, sexual health, mental health and so many areas of life is compromised. Developing in a way which is slow and insidious, hypothyroidism literally can bring us to a stand-still over time, keep us from achieving our dreams and from even being ‘fully present’ in our lives.

Not only this, but when we are in such a state, then our ability to truly support those we love and care for is compromised. Whilst we may feel the responsibility of the need we face to “look after others”, our increasing inability to even look after ourselves well makes that responsibility more and more difficult to achieve. We need to change our idea that we can look after others, whilst simultaneously denying ourselves of what we need to do to look after ourselves!

This program is designed to be an affordable way to support you to look after yourself – but not only to do that by giving yourself the time and techniques to nurture yourself, but also the knowledge and awareness that will ultimately change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your own abilities.

Whilst we are all different, and one solution does not fit all, I believe that unless we address the fundamental building blocks of our life’s experiences – namely our thoughts and our beliefs – along with any past negative traumas that may be keeping us in a state of low level, underlying stress, then our body will never be able to fully or truly regain a complete, healthy state of homeostasis, which is its natural, balanced, healthy state!

In addition, understanding and working on our underlying stresses, improving our mental and emotional well-being are powerful and self-empowering tools, that can be used alongside any other holistic, medical or self-help work you are already engaged with. You can use this program whilst working alongside your endocrinologist, your specialist Doctor or GP (essentially you must continue to receive mainstream medical attention), also whilst adapting your diet, your medication or using any other supportive technique(s) that you find helpful.


The Overall Savings of a subscription to this program is anything between £125.00-250.00 per month compared to the individual costs of each element of the program if taken separately.

So, not only does this program provide excellent value for money, but it also provides the tools, techniques, & a meta health understanding of the primary causes and triggers of hypothyroidism; along with a support network and the practical coaching required for you to begin the process of working on your own past events, thoughts and beliefs that may be keeping your body in stress, and therefore unable to repair and rebalance back to a state of homeostasis.

Individual Costs

Individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions are available, and the specialist groups are also available to join at the following costs:

  • EFT Trainings – cost vary from £100+ per month
  • The Energy Hour Support Group – £20 per month (after completing 6 months at level 1), or £35 per month for non-butterfly wings program members (or £25 to join a one off call for a one-off fee)
  • Butterfly Wings Support Group – £20 per month (after completing 6 months at level 1), or £35 per month for non-butterfly wings program members (or £25 to join a one off call for a one-off fee)
  • One-to-one Coaching Sessions – £90 per hour

Program Start Dates

This program runs twice a year, for a minimum subscription period of 6 months at a time.

You can continue from level to level, or repeat a level and continue to receive the support and guidance through classes and group support.

April 2017 – September 2017

October 2017 – March 2018

Please Contact Me for further information and to register yourself on one of these programs.