Hypothyroid Free

thyroid-butterfly-rootsThe Journey to Becoming Hypothyroid Free has been my great journey over the last few years!

When I started to practice energy medicine, I was looking for a way to cope – to live with a disease that had left me disconnected from my own life and feeling like I was a half person, barely able to function, or to show up in my day to day living!

Over the next seventeen years I learned fabulous and powerful techniques that helped me to cope with my life. Reflexology and Colour Reflexology were gifts that not only helped me, but that I was able to share with others to improve their lives.

When I discovered Meta Health, I had no thoughts about ‘healing’ my own disease – I had lived with it for 20 years – and despite my ongoing belief that I would not be ill “for the rest of my life” I had surrendered to the situation that I was living with, and accepted that it was unlikely that I would ever be ‘free’ from this disease. Over the last twenty years of searching for answers, I had learnt ways that I could reduce my symptoms through various Complimentary Medicine applications.

I have been writing about some of my hypothyroid experiences here: The journey of becoming Hypothyroidfree

The Butterfly Wings Program

Since becoming hypothyroid free through the use of energy-psychology techniques alone, I have been determined to share what I have learnt with others who are also living with this silent and under-recognised illness.

Interestingly, many people who suffer with hypothyroidism are often women, often diagnosed during or directly after childbirth, who have restricted financial reserves. Often not fully independent or with multiple financial ‘dependancies’, this diagnosis often comes when many women (and of course men too) feel they are unable to allocate additional finances for what they will often see as their own, selfish needs. So despite knowing that they are not functioning fully, those financial commitments at a time when babies and young children seem to take up all of their available resources (time, money and energy), women with hypothyroidism often put their own health and well-being at the bottom of a very big pile, where everyone else comes first!

Because of this I have decided to create the Butterfly Wings Program as an affordable monthly commitment that anyone can afford as an investment, not only in their own health, but in the ongoing health and well-being of their entire family. The cost of joining the program works out at just £15 per week, making it affordable to most families and individuals.

Trust me, if I had realised how deeply my life would have been affected at the beginning of this disease, and had been given this opportunity, I would have jumped at it!

So if you would like to find out more about the Butterfly Wings Program click HERE

In addition, you will also be constantly learning new things about your own health and new techniques and tools that will empower you, not only to understand your illness, but to actually do something to change it!

Without drugs, or changing any other aspect of your lifestyle, learning these energy-psychology techniques can seriously change your life!

Plus, ongoing involvement in the Butterfly Wings Program may also provide those people who find their own health and well-being increased, may feel that they want to share this experience and their new knowledge with others. So within the program, if after a time you are interested in making this way of life your WORK, you may be able to become a part of the Butterfly Wings Program offerings. Providing you with a viable way of adding flexible and additional income into your household, and doing it in a way that fits in around the mixed demands of your family life!

So if you would like to find out more about the Butterfly Wings Program click HERE

For those women (or men) who are interested in the program, but are still unsure whether a financial commitment of just over £20 per week is affordable, I would urge them to reconsider: putting your own needs at the bottom of the pile may seem like the right thing to do at this point in time, but I would like to remind you that as much as you love your children and  families, and would and undoubtably DO sacrifice everything for their well-being, it is important that we DO put ourselves first sometimes!

In addition to this, hypothyroidism is progressive, with the symptoms gradually becoming worse over time. It is a slow deterioration, almost unnoticeable, but progressively debilitating and having a huge affect on your overall quality and experience of life.

Even during the earliest stages of the thyroid becoming under active, we need to ensure that we are receiving all that we need in order to be able to cope with the demands of our families. Remember the advice given by the air hostesses in an aeroplane, BEORE TAKEOFF: that in the event of an emergency situation, you must always fix your own oxygen mask first BEFORE tending to the needs of your children! Why? Because you become unable to help anyone else, when you are unable to help yourself first! In the most loving and caring way, self-care and self-nurture is essential to being able to bring your love and care to those you love! These lovely air hostesses make sure they give you that vital advice before the journey even really begins: at the point where you know you are on the runway and that things are going to take off, but before they do, that piece of advice is vital information that is shared before the emergency occurs!!

So please don’t put off today, what may become your emergency tomorrow – catching the situation NOW is vital!

So if you would like to find out more about the Butterfly Wings Program click HERE

So why do we need to look after the demands of our own mindbodyspirit?

  • We need to look after our emotional well-being, making sure that we are happy and emotionally resilient, so that we can bring that joy back into our homes
  • We need to keep our mind stimulated and connected to our own sense of purpose, to ensure that we are personally fulfilled, so that we can remain self-confident and fully engaged in our own life; not only for ourselves, but as examples to our children of how to live their own lives
  • We need to look after our physical bodies, providing ourselves with the best food and nutrition we can afford, so that we can maintain our physical energy and reserves to the best of our ability; consider using high quality nutritional supplements, home-grown or organic foods, reducing your intake of pre-packaged and manufactured foods; returning to eating natural and ‘clean’ foods is ideal. Learn the nutritional values of your foods and share these with your children as they grow up.

These are all ideals that we have for our children and our families, and we often go to great lengths to try to make sure we are feeding our children well, stimulating their minds and we do all that we can to make sure that they are able to do the things that will make them happy; but we often do not necessarily apply these same values to our own needs! We are too busy looking after everyone elses….

If you think you would be interested in joining this program, and would like further advice or information, please do CONTACT ME and I will be pleased to talk with you.

Otherwise, please click HERE and I look forward to seeing you in the Butterfly Wings Program…