Lifestyle Medicine Summit – Understanding Root Causes of thyroid dysfunction

My Personal Invitation to you to Join the Lifestyle Medicine Summit

I am excited to have been invited to speak at the upcoming Lifestyle Medicine Summit, starting on 1st June 2017.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Root Cause of Thyroid Dysfunction then please read on, and sign up to join us – and some amazing World authorities on lifestyle medicine.

Watch the Movie

If you love movies with a purpose and a mission then you are in for a treat.

I’m excited to share with you the short film Lifestyle Medicine – The Emergence Of A New Health Care Paradigm.

It’s asking a simple question: Can we reverse 80% of chronic illness?

You’ll be inspired by about what Dean Ornish MD, Bruce Lipton PhD, Mimi Guarneri MD, David Katz MD, JJ Virgin, Neal Barnard MD, Dave Asprey, Dawson Church PhD and many other world-renowned lifestyle medicine experts have to say.

Watch for FREE today. 

Make sure you watch to the very end of the film for cutting edge info about next steps you can take!

You’ll also get access to the Lifestyle Medicine Summit starting June 1. Register your interest HERE.

This is a fab opportunity for you, and those you love, to understand better the links between our mind-body-emotional health and our biological health.

PLUS – I will be giving a talk on understanding the root cause of your thyroid dysfunction – from a mind-body-emotion perspective! With lots of top tips and the chance for you to take your own health into your own hands, by following up and joining my free webinar which is specifically about how to support your thyroid with daily mind-body protocols!

So if you have friends who are health conscious, or are searching for alternative answers to their own health problems (even if they are not thyroid issues), then please share this with them, and encourage them to SIGN UP to listen to the Lifestyle Medicine Summit. 

It may just change yours (and their) life!!