Lifestyle Prescriptions


A lifestyle Prescription is a wonderful way to look at small, integrative steps that you can make that are achievable for you at a pace that works for you!

With the benefit of understanding the underlying ‘root causes’ of your biological disease, those trained as a Lifestyle Prescription Pro (LP Pro) can assist you to not only understand what your body is doing, but to find ways that you can become more conscious of the mind-body-emotional-social stresses that may be making you unwell.  As an LP Pro I will help you to choose alternative ways to respond to your stresses and to move forwards in your life.

A COMPLEMENTARY LIFESTYLE PERSCRIPTION might help you to also understand other ways to improve your environment or your coping strategies, and the 15 minute session is completely complementary, with no obligation to go any further.

What to expect Before & During the Session

You will need to complete a brief health survey (BHS) before we can arrange to book your session, so please request your BHS form by contacting me HERE.

We will discuss your symptoms and how you want to make changes in your life.

We will look at the Meta Health Analysis and discuss how this might help you to work on clearing your issue once you understand what the root causes might be.

We will identify a Lifestyle Prescription that you can begin to implement immediately.

Further Sessions on the LP Program

If you decide that regular Lifestyle Prescriptions would benefit you, I will introduce you to my LP Program

This is a running program whereby you can receive:

  • Weekly LP Prescriptions, which would consist of a weekly 15 minute appointment.
  • Monthly addition of a 20 minutes 1-2-1 coaching session, which can be arranged separately, or added onto one of your 15 minute sessions to provide you with a longer monthly session – lasting 35 minutes.
  • Email support for any queries during the week between sessions

This program is geared to support you in upholding the weekly commitments that you make to your own health goals. It is a recognition on your part that the small thoughts, actions and behaviours that you repeat every day can have a huge impact on your health and well-being.

The monthly cost for this program is £85 pcm