Light Bytes

Weekly guidance from the universe

A weekly focus on the energies that are abounding through the Universe with some practical tips on tuning into the important aspects that are being highlighted energetically.

Intuitive guidance that combines Astrological and Colour readings in little snippets – enough for you to get your teeth into in weekly byte sized pieces…

Below is a Light Bytes download from December 2015. These are delivered in Newsletter format, and are offered freely when you sign up to The Enlightened Mind Training Platform as a ‘stand alone’ support to your weekly energy work. They provide short tips and thoughts to guide your week, but they are also a guide full of practical supports to the Sound Bytes, which are meditative sound entrainments, delivered as MP3’s and MP4’s through The Enlightened Mind Training Platform. The Sound Bytes may be used in conjunction with the energy tools of your own choice.

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