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What are Crystal Moon Essences?

Several years ago I was guided to begin the process of making crystal moon essences. It was a powerful inner need to begin to create these essences, and I was driven by a quiet but persistent voice within, which seemed to be tapped into some greater awareness that I wasn’t aware of on a conscious level.

However, as I began to make the essences as directed, I received clear words and descriptions for each essence, as well as instructions to create them.

I recognised that they emitted a very particular ‘energy’ as I held them – and that they seemed to be able to “talk to me” and tell me many things that I previously had no awareness of.

I began to use the essences, and also began to share them with some family and friends, who all reported amazing shifts in their emotions, and to my amazement they even reported that their physical issues and difficulties were being overcome.

I knew that what I was being called to create and share with others was from an intelligence and a source beyond my own.

I have never claimed to ‘create’ these essences, as they are purely the energies of the crystalline beings which are being more and more activated to work with us in the human field, as we move through a time of great change and transitioning.

The Crystal Moon Essences were my personal ‘wake up call’, but they are a powerful and profound way to work with your energy system in a fairly ‘unconscious’ way. By this, I mean no disrespect to these amazing energy gifts, but the shifts and the harmonic reballancing occurs on a subtle level, beyond our conscious mind, thought or awareness. To this extent, they are in fact an extremely powerful tool, as they are not thwarted by the logical or conscious mind!

It was through my awareness that I did not ‘know’ on a conscious level why the essences were working, or how they might help people to become ‘awakened’ and aware of the shifts they were being called to undertake, that I asked for guidance in order to create a system that would allow deep healing on every level – even on the level of conscious awareness.

To this extent my journey into energy-psychology began. Guided by a series of synchronicities, I found myself (by default) journeying upon a path that has led to my own self-recovery and rebalance, ending in my becoming hypothyroidfree.

Now I use the crystal moon essences as a stand alone harmonic remedy, but I also combine them in a program that combines EFT, Core Belief Retrieval (CBR) and CME (Crystal Moon Essences). I believe that this combination enhances the whole entity energy shift that occurs during EFT or Matrix Re-imprinting Sessions, and helps to create a vibrational resonance throughout the whole system that allows for an harmonic rebalance to occur throughout the mindbodyspirit. In effect I believe that it links out and affects the other patterns and behaviours within the field (or the matrix) that we have not necessarily yet accessed.

This can make for huge shifts and accelerated change.

This can be a very helpful tool when required, but can also bring about significant changes in many areas of our lives, as it works on all levels of our being: mindbodyspirit. The Crystal Moon Essences are, essentially an energy vibration that will access and move through our whole being on every level and affect change on every level simultaneously.