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One to One Coaching Sessions


If you feel that you would like to understand why you are sick, or why your body is not functioning well, let me help you uncover the mind-body-emotional links.

If you would like support in overcoming emotional issues, stress or trauma, whether in your private or your professional life, I can help you to define your blocks to success, or the themes and events behind your problems.

If you have specific spiritual or personal areas that you would like to develop, and you would like to have someone independent as an advocate and coach to support you and work with you, I can help you to identify and work through the key areas you want to address. I also have several courses for people who are looking for spiritual and self-development.

Some of my specific areas of expertise include, but are not limited to thyroid issues, postnatal depression, general anxiety and depression, food & eating issues, loss and grief.

I also work with those suffering from suicidal thoughts or those who are family members of suicidees.

I also support those who have cancer or those people who are supporting other people who have been diagnosed with serious illness or disease.

I have also worked with teenagers and young people in education for many years.


The 12 Strand Series

12-strand-series-poster-iicThis Course is run annually. Over the 12 months, monthly on-line webinars are held to cover and integrate the tools and materials that are an integral part of the course.

The 12 chakra System is the focal Energy system that this course employs, but through the year you will also learn to use other energy techniques and you will learn how to practice and employ my own Unity Breathing Technique © 

The focal process of this course is to release old energy patterns through the highest energetic re-patterning processes. This facilitates a release of old biological, emotional and psychological patterns that may be associated with our karmic or genealogical ‘seeds’.

The process of a heart-based rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies are keys to building our self-awareness and self-development throughout the course, and is central to our development over the 12 months, both personally and spiritually.



The 12 Chakra System

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The 12 Chakra System is a powerful & ‘complete’ energy system. Once you begin to connect with and work with the 12 chakra system, you will recognise that the ‘traditional’ 7 chakra system that we have been using up to now has had some essential energetic elements ‘missing’.


To discover more about the 12 Chakra System  CLICK HERE 


The Unity Breathing Technique©


This is a Technique that can be used in the traditional 7 chakra energy system, or within the 12 chakra energy system.

It is a powerful tool for accessing and clearing disrupted energy flows and when used with FREE ME© and PREE ME© it can affect a far reaching and powerful change to your energy field, changing unwanted and disruptive thoughts, feelings and patterns.


Heart Focused Breathing – A free resource for your personal practice

Here is a video to help you to begin the practice of Heart Focused Breathing. I recommend that you use this practice daily, just for a few minutes each day. The health benefits will far outweigh the time and effort you put into this practice!