Crystalline Soul Incantations

I have been creating Crystalline Soul Incantations for a couple of years, and in that time have been astonished at how many times they have ‘spoken’ to the individual for whom they have been made.

They seem to speak in a language that talks directly to the Soul, and each person interprets the information on a level which works for them.

The language that comes through me flows in an unconscious stream, whilst I am connected to a SEED ‘point’ in spacetime that is energetically transferred through the medium of sound.

Crystalline Soul Incantations & Soul Bytes

I have created Crystalline Soul Incantations that have been on or around specific moments in time and that have been heavily influenced by what is happening on the collective level of the country or the planet. Some of these Soul Incantations you will find published freely on youtube, and you can access these easily by clicking over onto my facebook page: Crystalline Soul Incantations.

Clearing out what no longer makes your heart sing

Crystalline Soul Incantation

Watch this Crystalline Soul Incantation by clicking” target=”_blank”>HERE

The ‘Soul Bytes’ began to be created when I was asked to create personal incantations for specific people. If they had a desire to achieve something, or to break a particular pattern or habit; if they wanted to work on a particualr area of healing wthin themselves, the Soul Bytes were created as a sound-scape that would energetically enhance or allow a strong harmonic attunement to that thing/outcome.

Additionally, it can be given as a special gift from one person to another – Soul Bytes are a beautiful way to create a sound resonance that enhances and harmonises the energy that a couple or a family may share.

In addition I can combine the sound healing work with do a reading