Sound Bytes Sign Up

For the cost of a magazine subscription you will receive a month of Sound Bytes, which is made up of the following:

  • Your Light Bytes, which will contain:
    • A run down on the Astrolocial energetic shifts
    • Divine Big U guidance for your weekly energy work
    • A colour reading, or a colour mirrors forecast for the week or month ahead
  • Your Sound Bytes, which will contain:
    • Access to your MP4 & MP3 – through the members site of The Enlightened Mind Training Platform
    • MP3 is downloadable, for you to listen to on the go or during your meditative or energy practice throughout the week

In order to sign up to receive your weekly Sound Bytes, you will need to click on the link to The Enlightened Mind Training Platform and register.

Sound Bytes (along with the weekly Light Bytes) will be uploaded to The Enlightened Mind Training Platform every week, where you will be able to access them online.

When you subscribe to receive your Sound Bytes, you are only committing to receive the Sound Bytes for that coming month. You may chose to keep your subscription running, and for the lifetime of your subscription, the price will ALWAYS remain the same. You will never be subjected to any price rises as long as your subscription remains fully active.

I know that many other sites will have you scrolling up and down, searching for the price of what they are offering. I like to keep things simple. There is no need to read tons of repetitive information either. Here is the costs, plain and simple, before you click over to look at The Enlightened Mind Training Platform. No hidden extras – no surprises!

Subscription Costs

  • Monthly Subscription Cost: £6.60 per month
  • Annual Subscription Cost: £66 per year – giving you 2 months free access every year

All subscriptions are payable by registering with The Enlightened Mind Training Platform

Once you are signed up, you will also receive an invitation to join

I look forward to seeing you on the site every week 🙂