The 12 Chakra System


  • An on-line Course that will look deeper into the 12 chakra system.
  • Including live classes to look at and discuss the themes of each energy centre.
  • Including purpose built resources for you to use again and again.
  • Meditations and Sound Bytes that will guide you to connect further with these new energy centres.
  • We will explore why these new energy pathways are important for us at this time.
  • We will look at the 12 chakra system and its use in high level clearance of karmic and genealogical ‘seeds’ that are active in your current life.

This course is also run as a live weekend course in Herefordshire.

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The 12 Chakra System is a powerful & ‘complete’ energy system. Once you begin to connect with and work with the 12 chakra system, you will recognise that the ‘traditional’ 7 chakra system that we have been using up to now has had some essential energetic elements ‘missing’.

I received the information about this 12 chakra system a couple of years ago and have been working with it with my clients since that time. Combined with the Unity Breathing technique© it is a powerful system to clear energetic ‘blocks’ at the highest level.

The practice of working with these hereto ‘missing’ energy wheels brings a balance and ‘completion’ to the energy body that was taken out of the Earth matrix a long time ago. However, I am informed that now is the time for us all, as the true ‘light souls’ that we all are, to awaken and reignite our full connection to the Divine higher energy that the people of the Earth were originally incarnated to attain.

We have traversed a significant period of learning and experience which has fulfilled our original remit, and this is why it is now timely for us all to individually and collectively begin the work of shedding our past karmic patterns & ‘seeds’ , in order to move into an enlightened energetic field, which will allow us to move forwards. Some may call this ascension, but in reality, it is nearly a moving through of one ‘form’ into another ‘form’. We have already done this in many ways each time, as humans, that we have ‘evolved’ upon the planet. Now it is time for as all, as Earth people to awaken and reclaim all of our power through the reconnection to our complete energy form, and through the practice that we will learn in this course.