The 12 Strand Series

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The 12 Strand Series

This is created as a 12 month series that runs as a series of live on-line webinars.

It combines a complete set of energy-psychology tools and techniques into a practical and Spiritually unfolding course aimed to rebalance the energetic relationship between our Divine masculine and our Divine Feminine energy centres.

The course incorporates working with colour, sound and crystals to facilitate deep cellular healing and a personal spiritual evolution, that may be experienced as personal development and an emotional balancing of our dynamic energy field through the facilitation of individual self-clearing (of old unhealthy patterns), and the conscious co-creation of both the Christ-Aligned & Magd-Aligned vibratory entrainment that will enable a deep healing change, and a self-awakening to our truth and purpose.

The Golden Goddess & Divine DNA Colour Mirror Bottles are a focal point of processing change over each of the 12 months.

The Crystal Moon Essences bring the vibrational healing of crystals into the individual’s field to support clearing, rebalancing and assisting the release of old patterns and habits (perhaps old ‘karmic’ seeds or generational genealogical programs that are running through the family blood line) which are now ready to be released once and for all.

The Soul Incantations and Sound Meditations focus on key aspects of each energy centre throughout the 12 months, and are accessible for future use if and when you need to revisit them again in the future.

The course can be purchased in advance, with all supporting materials provided at the start of the course.

The Monthly cost of the course includes the supporting materials being posted monthly. These will include:

  • 1 Divine DNA Colour Mirror Bottle
  • 1 Golden Goddess Colour Mirror Bottle
  • 1 Crystal Moon Essence
  • 1 Soul Incantation or Sound Meditation or Sound Byte
  • Any supporting documents or .pdfs to support the months learning

Please Contact me if you would like to join the next years course, as this program only runs once a year and cannot be joined after it commences.