Using Colour Mirrors with Reflexology

Using the powerful vibration of colour when delivering a Reflexology session allows healing to occur on multiple levels

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The energy information held in colour can assist a quick and painless removal of energy blockages that are often felt as a sharp ‘reflex’ point within the congested area.

The ‘painful’ reflex, the level of which pain may vary depending upon the degree of the blockage and often the length of time a person has been carrying such a blockage, is released more gently than the accupressure technique.

I have found that very little pressure need be applied, when one is working with colour. This allows the client to experience a more gentle and relaxing reflexology session, and indeed also allows for a multi-layered experience of healing to be accessed through the energy system, via the foot reflexes.

You may request a colour reflexology session, or indeed may chose to purchase a set of coloured bottles which you may use upon your own reflex points, both in the hands and the feet.